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170416: new subforum with news and tools to speed up development with U10 (community version)

170401: opened a new subforum with contributions for the TURF_U10 project

a new year, a new dITo support on how to transfer deleted items from the datamodel. See screancast 140102-dito-export-and-cif.zip And we have a small documentation added  as "140106 - dITo communicate deleted objects of datamodel to target system.pdf"

"It was twenty years ago today, ..."

well on April 1st 1993 I started with Uniface GmbH, the fresh founded german subsidiary of Uniface International.
As Leader of the helpdesk, I built up the infrastructure, the processes and knowledge, got a lot of insight how this is handled by "the Lab".
Worked as a Qualified Consultant / Qualified Senior Consultant in most cases finding concepts to make uniface work as our customers expect.

Since 2003 beeing thrown in the freelancer market trying to make my bread and butter with my experiences, focused on the uniface issues.

20 long years with the product uniface,
dealing with all the sometimes obscure inhabitants of unifaceland
years working for and as the dITo initiative
exchanging help and ideas on the uniface listserver as well as on T.U.R.F.
more than 1,100 posts on uniface.info
a lot of help for the community (free of charge)
failing to make uniface a better product.

It looks like it's the time to look for new areas where I can earn my living.

I will stay connected to T.U.R.F. and if I can help, I will do.

110305: gratis support suspended on all dITo sites after dITo was flamed "not beeing professional"; but you can mail me if you need some material

Sep,2009 a complete redesign with focus on uniface and the dITo initiative 



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