wakeup and contribute

dITo is an initiative to activate the uniface users all around the world.
The idea is to exchange know-how and problem-solutions in a wide scale. Check out the different AREAS (use the Sitemap)

This vitally includes the power of  "the uniface lab" and uniface.org; if they are not interested  to boost the ground for uniface coders, why should we (then it's better to flee and find a better supported tool)?

Following the agile principle, most material is workroom-level, the raw version scribbled on a notepad, sometimes intentionally incomplete (to wait for discussions) or a screencast just recorded while explaining some aspects to a friend.  

The vision of dITo are uniface-codewriters who knows why they are using this special algorithm rather than beeing told how to use this language.


When the dITo idea was born
Seeing the wishlists I found so many wishes which can be fullfilled right now without the help of "the Lab" as a "do it yourself).

The new uniface 2.0 slogan gave us: "we make IT rock the world".

Contributing to uniface.info community turns i-am-all-alone yourself
into together-we-will-make-it-happen "ourself". 

Some may insist that "the lab" is the only source for uniface enhancements, but others may accept already existing enhancements provided by experienced uniface developers.

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